Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stories from Class

Congratulations for your friendly, hard work this semester. You all learned a lot of English, and it was great to spend time with you.

Here are some of your stories that your wrote in the computer lab. You wrote some interesting comments, so please read about your classmates.

I hope to see you next semester! Come say hello to me. I'll be here at 8:15 in Room 202 and 10:15 in Room 205, too. Happy New Year!

When I was twelve years old, I lived in Shanghai, China. Our home was a big apartment. It had two bedrooms and a living room. Our home was a big apartment. It had two bedrooms and a living room. Our home was sunnier than my new home. We had seven people in our home. In the winter, our home was the warmest in town. My home was the closest to my school. I walked to school in five minutes. There was a large park near my home. In the summer, my parents needed to work. Our children didn't go to school. First, we did homework. After dinner we did fun. I missed my childhood's home a lot.
By Wei Lan

I keep my job at Frascati because I feel good with my co- workers. I have been working there 10 years. But sometimes I feel worried about myself. I can't write anything. This is a secret .But one thing is very important for me ''Life''. And about money always came and go. I know, we need to make a future, But it is not easy. A friend said to me be stronger and think positive.
By Federico Chan B.
The best gift I ever received was a cassette walkman. My parents gave it to me for my 15 year old birthday. I had one before but it was older and had less functions. It only applied play and forward and it was not convenient for studying English. It was the best gift because I really needed it to practice my listening in English. And I liked music at that time. I could enjoy it with the new cassette because it had a high quality sound system. I liked it very much. Even though I had CD later. I will always keep it.
By Zhao Hui Chen

One of the best gifts I even received was a birthday card. My dear daughter gave me when I was 31 years old birthday. On it, there were many drawing, such as flowers, trees, glasses and me. It said:"Happy Birthday! Mom. I love you forever!"I knew it was very cheap, it cost no money. But it was made my daughter by herself. For this reason, I felt it was so expensive. I kept it all the time.

Hi! my name is Patty. The birthday celebration in my Country Mexico is almost the same like here in SF. Nov.10,2009, that is only two days ago, my son Daniel had a birthday party. I made some special food. Hot chocolate, chicken tamales and sweet tamales too. I also made barbecue ribs, and apple desert. And of course I bought a 3 milk cake. Later on, I gave him a present. He enjoyed a lot. Now my Danny is 6 years old. Happy Birthday, dear Danny!

The best thing I ever received was an English dictionary. About several years ago my good friend gave me it was very small computer. It can translate Chinese and it still can pronounce English. I very like it. Because it was convenient for me to learn English. So it is the best present I ever received.

By Jenny Xu

When I got married, it was a beautiful day for a wedding. All friends were invited, and all the family assisted. I was so happy, and nervous. I was happy because it was the most important day in my life.My husband and I fell in love when we were fourteen. And we are still together and we love each other. We have three children, on girl and two boys. They are good children. They are ten, twelve, and fourteen. I am so proud of them. 


Hi, my name is Mohamed. I am going to talk a little about my life. One year ago before I came in here, my mother and father  told me to get married. They amazed me, but I said no. I want to finish studying. My mother told me that because when I get married my wif is going to help her. But I told them sorry I can't. I want to go to USA for 2 reasons. For one thing I love the USA very much. Finally I want to finish studying in USA. Then I came in USA in 2008. I was very happy when I came. But when I had been here 5 months, I started to miss my family. And I talked to myself. Why said no when my parents told me get married? But I said in my opinion I have to do it. But I am going to Yemen next year maybe I will get married. 

My name is Krishna. I got married on Deember 25, 2007 in India. M family and my friends were very happy. They enjoyed my wedding. After my husband came to San Francisco. My husband and I felt so nervous. Then one year later, I came to San Francisco. Then my husband and I went to Hawaii.

The first I came here to San Francisco, I was sixteen years old. My life changed from teenager to adult because I had to look for two jobs. That way I could pay for everything, food, rent and send money to Mexico. I was homesick for a year. Today I feel so much different about San Francisco. It is a lovely city. For the first time, I feel strong and confident. I don't think I have been doing a lot for life but it is never too late to start. 
By Janet Salinas

My life was still really happy until three years ago. I had a cheery childhood. My parents and my brother loved me deeply. Then, I graduated in Guang Zhou University and go a good job. Later on, I got married and had a cute daughter.I was happy every day. But my father died suddenly in 2006. He was just 66 years old. I cried for a long time. I was never sad so much. That was my first time. He was the best father in the world for me, but I can't see him forever. Now, I sometimes cry yet when I miss him. He will live in my heart!
By Cui Ping Li

I got married in 2000. I remember my wife and I weren't nervous, but I was a little sad because my brothers weren't at the wedding. We go so many gifts. Even though my brothers weren't there, I had a really wonderful time. All people drank, and ate much. After that, everybody danced. Next day, I felt very tired, but I had to go in my honeymoon. It was great. 
By Federico

My name is Svetlana. I'm from Russia. I live in this city only one year. I got married in 1991. It was a long time ago. I remember this day. I was very nervous because on this day I had allergic rash on my face. I took much make up so much on my face. I felt discomfort from a big make up. Many guests and friends were there. No on saw my allergy. In the evening it was gone. Finally I was happy. 

I was in Mexico talking with my friends and we decided to go at the festival in other town, so I drove my motorcycle, and in the middle of the road I didn't see the bend of the road. I went out of the road. I fell off the motorcycle, everything happened too fast. I don't remember very well. I just remember when I stood up, my hands and face were bleeding. My friends were coming in a car behind of me. They saw the accident and stopped the car next to my. Hopefully they took me to the hospital and a few days after I was at home with my family and mother taking care of me.
By Carlos Poot

I came to San Francisco with my parents when I was a young girl many times. I loved the cable cars, and I loved Chinatown, too. I like going up the hills, but I was very afraid when we went down the hills. When I was a college student, I came to San Francisco by myself. I loved the beautiful city here. I liked to walk for hours. Golden Gate Park and the beaches near Golden Gate Bridge were my favorite places. I didn't have money for restaurants, but I like to go shopping in little stores and cook in my apartment. I loved my first days in San Francisco as an adult. 

By Venette Cook


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