Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Getting Ready for Testing

This is our last week together in the lab before you take the Level Four tests. Next week will be a short week because of the Thanksgiving holiday. 

What will help you the most this week? Listening, reading, writing, or speaking? Choose from this list. You can also read from other weeks.

  1. Listening: Click and listen to a discussion about work.  You can listen with no quiz. You can listen and read so you can study the grammar and vocabulary.
  2. Reading: Click and read a student's story about her job goals and dreams. Her story can help you write your own story. You can click and make a comment to her, too.
  3. Writing: Write a paragraph about your work experience, or your goals. Write 6-10 sentences. Click on comment below. Ask for help with grammar and spelling. 
  4. Speaking: Click and practice for the oral interview. Listen and answer questions about work.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gifts: What did you give? Who did you give a gift to?

Writing Practice:  Here is my story of the week. After you read it, you can click on comment and write your story about a gift. 

After I got married in 2008, my husband and I wanted our children to get to know each other better. In July, 2008, one of our daughters turned twenty-one, and another daughter turned twenty-five. They asked us to give them a big party to celebrate being new sisters. Also, those birthdays seemed very important to them. So we agreed, and we gave them a big party at our home. We invited our family and friends to an afternoon barbecue and party. We had a big carrot cake with candles and we had home-made ice cream, too. Our daughters wore birthday hats, just like little girls! Everyone laughed a lot, ate good food and had a good time together. It was a fun party and an important day for all of us.

  • What about you? Click on comment, and write your story about a gift that you gave, or write about a gift that someone gave to you. Write 6-10 sentences in past time.

Listening Practice: A Boy's Birthday

We read a chapter about birthday presents. The Railway Children gave some gifts to their friend, Perks. People from the village gave gifts, too.
  1. Today, click and listen to a young boy talk about his birthday. He's very excited.
  2. Click again and practice vocabulary by dragging words to make good sentences
  3. Click here for one more vocabulary exercise.
Grammar Practice
  1. Are you learning your irregular verbs? 
  2. Click here for exercises.
 Speaking Practice
  1. Click here to practice listening and speaking for the Level 4 Speaking test. You need email to sign in and record your answers.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Get ready for you oral interview in Level 4.

Our Testing Dates are Nov. 30, Dec. 1,2, and 3. Let's get ready. This week, choose writing practice, or speaking practice. You can divide your time, or do both. You can also practice at home or in a library on any computer. You can also do grammar exercises from our book. Study English!


Watch this short movie. Write a story to tell what happened. Write in past time.

  • You can write your story as a comment.
  • Click down near the bottom of our page to start your story.
  • You can write your story on paper first, if you don't want to type.
  • You can write your story in Word if you know how.
  • Vocabulary: chess game, false teeth

Here is the movie:


  1. Sign up with Voicethread. You need email to record your voice.  
  2. You can get email today if you don't have email now.
  3. I can help you sign up for gmail with Google. 
  4. Listen to each question about shopping.
  5. When you are ready to speak, click "Comment."
  6. Click record, don't type.
  7. Record your answer. You can listen and save if you like your answer. You can cancel and answer again.
  8. Listen to other classmates, too. Listen to grammar, pronunciation, and ideas.
  9. Click here to listen and practice speaking.