Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Story: When I was younger, I was a teacher in Lisbon, Portugal, for two years. I enjoyed living and working there. I went back to Lisbon in 2004 with my daughter, Xana. She was born there before I came back to San Francisco. I wanted her to see her first home. We had a good time there!

When I first started to live there, I got very lost one time on the bus. I was on my way to teach in the evening. I had to teach in the morning, too, and I was very tired. So, I stopped watching the street signs carefully and I didn't know when to get off the bus. I was very nervous about being lost and late to work. I wasn't sure which way to go. Of course, it was more difficult to speak Portuguese because I was nervous. I remember I felt very hot and I also felt like I could not breathe very well. I remember my confusion very well. I think I found my way to work on time, but I am not sure!

After that, I learned to be more careful about taking the bus. I practiced asking questions about transportation so I would not be so nervous! I began to enjoy going around my new city much more. Lisbon is beautiful, and I really loved to walk around the city in my free time on the weekends. I liked to look for new places up and down the hills near the old city and near the river.

Write: Make a comment this week:
  1. What do you think about Muni?
  2. Do you have a story about getting lost in San Francisco? Did someone help you? Were you late?
  3. What do you think about the Muni website? When can you use this to get around in San Francisco more easily?

Internet Work: When I lived in Lisbon, it was very hard to learn the bus system. There was no easy phone number to call and at that time there was no Internet! We are luckier now in new cities. This week, we are studying about transportation and questions. Look at the SF Muni website, and find some bus directions. You will read this word: itinerary- this means the directions for your trip, which buses to take, and where to walk. Itinerary is an excellent transportation word.

First trip:
  1. You begin at A: 750 Eddy Street
  2. You go to B: SF General Hospital
Second trip:
  1. You begin at 750 Eddy Street
  2. You go to SF International Airport
  3. What is the quickest trip?
  4. What is the most expensive trip?
Third trip: You want to take a friend sightseeing in Golden Gate Park.
  1. You begin at A: type your home address.
  2. You go to B: Type this: California Academy of Science
  3. How long does it take?
  4. How much is the fare?
You can try some other addresses, too.

Did you read Chapter 5, "Saving the Train"? Watch this part of the Railway Children. The children speak quickly, but you can understand the story very well, I think!


  1. I like to take bus or bart becauce aesil for me when I go some where to buy or visit new places that why I said like this

  2. My history when I lost in San Francisco.

    I was going to my first school day on the City College of S.F. on 22st (Mission) and Valencia I took other bus and I felt nervous but I tried to talk with the bus driver and ask about which bus I needed to take to Mission st.

    Lucrecia Barillas

  3. my first week here I lost.I was on the bus I wanted go to the Mission street because my causin called me and told me come here so he asked me you know how to get here.I told him yes soso so I Took The Bus but I Was Looking aroud the street and I didn't see if I Was On the vannes So I got Lost when I saw I Was on Downtow.

  4. Muni is a very convenient transportation system from here to there in San Francisco.Because I lived in a big city in China before I came here.I sometimes met someone lost his way.So I always bought a map or checked online when I came to another strange city.Thanks to God,I didn't lose my way in any city until now.I think everything must to plan.
    The Muni's website is very nice to me.There is a very good public transportation information website in San Francisco.I think it's better than my native city's website.I visited that website when I came here first day.I needed my brother's help two years ago because I didn't know the name of street.And I can use it in practice now.

  5. I never lost in San Fransisco.

    Rashida Kadri

  6. My first time when I use the bus in SF.
    It Was Okay but I feel so nervous, because I don"t spoke the same language.
    But now I feel better because I understand ,speak and write some English.


  7. My first week cane to San francisoc. I felt very nervous.Because I didn't speak English. I only got on the bus.I didn't know where was get up. After that, I took the bus around S.F. I learned English
    very hard. NOw I can took bus go to S.F any
    place.I can speak English ask a question.
    by WeiLan

  8. My first week cane to San Francisco.I felt very nervous. Because I didn't speak English.I only got on the bus.I didn't know where was get up. After that, I took the bus around S.F. I learn English very hard. Now I can took the bus go to S.F any place. i can speak English ask a question.I don't fell nervous.
    by Wei Lan