Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Important Changes in Our Lives

This week, we have some reading, spelling and writing to study:
  1. Spelling practice: Past Time Irregular Verbs
  2. Read my wedding story.
  3. Read Mei Ling Lee's story about coming to the U.S. She is a student like you. How is her story like your story about coming here? How is her story different?
  4. Talk about the stories with a classmate.
  5. Write a short past time story about one important change in your life.
  • Did you get a job?
  • Did you graduate?
  • Did you become a citizen?
  • Did you get married or have a baby?
  • Write your story. Later, we will get some photos for your story and put your stories on our blog so you can read about each other.

My Wedding Storm
by Venette Cook

I got married in January 2008 at the end of a very terrible rain and wind storm. Maybe you were here in San Francisco then. Some newspapers called the storm, "The Storm of the Century!" There were many floods, and the wind was powerful and dangerous. Many, many trees and fences blew down. The traffic was terrible everywhere. Also, many people lost electricity for days and days. We had no power at my house on my wedding day, so we had to do many things to get ready in the cold and in the dark. Our family and friends had to travel in such terrible weather on dangerous roads. We said, "No one will forget this wedding day!" Some people told us that it is very lucky to get married in the rain. That was good to hear! My husband and I felt so nervous about the weather we forgot to be nervous about getting married. We had a great wedding day!

Living Here
by Mei Ling Lee

Click on her story to read. Then click back to this page!

Write your story. You can write on paper, or on a computer. I will show you two ways to write on a computer. We will check your spelling and grammar today.


  1. I'm not married because I think I'm a young person. I going to get married but not now Maybe in 2 or 3 years or more.I'm stuying now so no yet.I don't think about that now.

  2. I remember when I got married. My family and my wife's family were happy and had fun because every body started together everything, were so nice that why never forget, how was it, always I remember because I like it .

  3. Four years ago, I left my country come to San Francisco. I started my new life. I arrived first day. My sister gave me a nice Englsh book. She said if you stayed here Enlish is very important for your life. You should learn English. After time. I study English every day. I learn computer skills. I learn type. I would like to go back to my childhood.I exercise very day. I need to keep my health. I like San Francisco a lot. San Francisco is much better than my houetown.
    by Wei Lan

  4. When I got married, it was a beautiful day for a wedding. All friends were invited,and all the family assisted. I was so happy,and nervous. I was happy because it was the most important day in my life. My husband and I fell in love when we were fourteen. And we are still together and we love each other. We have three children, one girl, and two boys. They are good children. They are ten, twelve, and fourteen. I am so proud of them.

    by mm

  5. Hi my name is Mohamed. I am going to talk a little a bouy my life. One year ago before I came in here. My father and mother told me to get married . the amazed me , but I said no .I went to finish studying. My mother told me that because when I get married my wife is going to help her. But I told thim sorry I cant I want to go to Usa for 2 reasones. For one thing I love the usa very much.Finally I want to finish studying in usa.Than I came in usa in 2008. I was very happy when I came .But when I had been 5 months .I started to miss my family. And I talked to my self. Whey said no when my parentes told me get married. But I said this my opinion I have to do it .But I am going to Yemen next year maybe I will get married.

  6. My name is Krishna.I got married on December 25, 2007 in India. My family and my friends were very happy. They enjoyed my wedding. After my husband came to San Francisco. My husband and I felt so nervous. Then one year later I came to San Francisco. Then my husband and I went to Hawaai.

  7. Four years ago, I left my country and come to San Francisco. I started my new life. I arrived first day. Then, my sister gave me a nice English book. She said if you stay here English is very important for your life. You should learn English. After time, I studied English every day. I learned computer skills. I learned to type. I would like to go back to my childhood. I exercise every day. I need to keep my health. I like San Francisco a lot. San Francisco is much better than my hometown.
    by Wei Lan

  8. My name is Rashida. I got marrid in March 1989 in India. After that my husband came here and every year he left in India. After few times My husband was Citizen and he sponsared our family. In 2007 we come to San Francisco. India and u.s.a wether was very diferent. India is hot and here very cold. So first day my children and I felt so nervous.

  9. Immigrating to the United States is a very important thing for my family. However, I went here for 1 year, but my family has to wait for 2 years. Then my wife and my 2 years old daughter can get here. We will be separate for a long time. The most important reason I came here is my daughter's education in the future. My wife and I want her get better education than us and moved to the right direction of her life. We all think the education in the United State is the best. It's very different life after we had a baby. We said "We can do anything for the baby in the rest of our life now." I started to challenge my bad English one year ago. I wish I can get a new job and reach my family's long term goal.
    By Zhaohui

  10. The first I came here to San Francisco, I was sixteen years old. My life changed from teenager to adult because I had to look for two jobs. That way I could pay for everything, food, rent and send money to Mexico. I was homesick for a year. Today I feel so much different about San Francisco. It is a lovely city. For the first time, I feel strong and confident. I don't think I have been doing a lot for life but it is never too late to start.

    Janet Salinas

  11. My life was still really happy until three years ago. I had a cheery childhood. My parents and my brother loved me deeply. Then,I graduated in GuangZhou University and got a good job. Later on, I got married and had a cute daughter. I was happy every day! But my father died suddenly in 2006. He was just 66 years old. I cried for a long time. I was never sad so much. That was my first time. He was the best father in the world for me, but I can't see him forever. Now, I sometimes cry yet when I miss him. He will live in my heart!

    by Cuiping Li

  12. I got married in 2000. I remember my wife and I weren't nervous, but I was a little sad because my brothers weren't at the wedding. We got so many gifts. Even though my brothers weren't there, I had a really wonderful time. All people drank, and ate much. After that, everybody danced. Next day, I felt very tired, but I had to go in my honeymoon. It was great. By federico.

  13. My name is Svetlana. I'm from Russia. I live in this city only one year. I got married in 1991. It was a long time ago. I remember this day. I was very nervous becouse on this day I had allergic rash on my face. I took make up so much on my face. I felt discomfort from a big make up. Many guests and friends were there. No one saw my allergy. In the evening it was gone. Finaly I was happy.

  14. Living in SF. In 1998 I came to San Francisco.
    When I came Here my life change, because here everything was so different. First I felt very sad and alone because my grandmother stayed in Mexico.I never forgot Her

    by Patricia.